An attempt to remove dangling pointers in C++

Have you ever had any dangling pointers or references in your application? If so, this article will open a discussion about how to try to remove them from your application. A bit of Context As many of you may have heard, during the last months there were some discussions about memory-safe languages and governmental organizations […]

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Stop using bool in C++ for function parameters !

Introduction This article deals with the use of bool in C++. Should we use it or not? That is the question we will try to answer here. However, this is more of an open discussion than a coding rule. First of all, what is the bool type? A boolean variable is a variable that can […]

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Having fun with Detection idiom and macros in C++

Introduction The detection idiom is now well known in C++. However, some implementations necessitate a lot of boilerplate, and I do believe that macros may help here. So, let’s having fun with the detection idiom and macros in C++! The goal with detection idiom in C++ The detection idiom is used to know at compile […]

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